5.0 Beginning special education professionals select, adapt, and use a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies to advance learning of individuals with exceptionalities


Key Elements

5.1 Beginning special education professionals consider an individual’s abilities, interests, learning environments, and cultural and linguistic factors in the selection, development, and adaptation of learning experiences for individual with exceptionalities 
5.2 Beginning special education professionals use technologies to support instructional assessment, planning, and delivery for individuals with exceptionalities 
5.3 Beginning special education professionals are familiar with augmentative and alternative communication systems and a variety of assistive technologies to support the communication and learning of individuals with exceptionalities 
5.4 Beginning special education professionals use strategies to enhance language development and communication skills of individuals with exceptionalities 
5.5 Beginning special education professionals develop and implement a variety of education and transition plans for individuals with exceptionalities across a wide range of settings and different learning experiences in collaboration with individuals, families, and teams 
5.6 Beginning special education professionals teach to mastery and promote generalization of learning 
5.7 Beginning special education professionals teach cross-disciplinary knowledge and
skills such as critical thinking and problem solving to individuals with exceptionalities 


CEC Special Education Early Childhood Specialist Set



None in addition to the Initial Common Core



S5.1  Facilitate child-initiated development and learning


S5.2  Use teacher-scaffolded and initiated instruction to complement child-initiated learning


S5.3  Link development, learning experiences, and instruction to promote educational transitions


S5.4  Use individual and group guidance and problem-solving techniques to develop supportive relationships with and among children


S5.5  Use strategies to teach social skills and conflict resolution


S5.6  Use a continuum of intervention strategies to support access of young children in the general curriculum and daily routines


S5.7  Develop, implement, and evaluate individualized plans, with family members and other professionals, as a member of a team


S5.8  Design intervention strategies incorporating information from multiple disciplines


S5.9  Implement developmentally and functionally appropriate activities, using a variety of formats, based on systematic instruction


S5.10 Align individualized goals with developmental and academic content


S5.11 Develop individualized plans that support development and learning as well as caregiver responsiveness


S5.12 Develop an individualized plan that supports the child’s independent functioning in the child’s natural environments


S5.13 Make adaptations for the unique developmental and learning needs of children, including those from diverse backgrounds